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Why You Should Wear Masks

I understand people worry about their rights being trampled on by a heavy handed government and don’t want to be forced to wear masks.  You ought to have a choice about whether you want to wear one, and not be forced.  Before you decide to wear a mask or not - here are some things to think about: When a surgeon wears a mask, they are wearing it to protect the patient, not themselves.  The same is true for people who choose to wear a mask,  they are doing it as an act of kindness to protect everyone they come into contact with on the street. .If you choose not to wear a mask, you run the risk of infecting...

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A Very Long News Article About How to Treat Mask-ne

So wearing masks in the state of Oregon is mandatory in some public places. I live in Oregon, so that's relevant to me and people around me. But, it will yield problems for people I know. Wearing masks has unpleasant effects based on acne.  This has been dubbed Mask-ne, mask acne. It’s dependent almost entirely on how much acne your face produces. People with skin that generates very little acne will never run into this. People who generate much acne will have the following troubles with masks.   Mask sores; sore caused by the pressure vacuum on your mask. An aching sensation around your head. And a build up of acne.  Mask sores are because of pressure. It’s usually from expendable...

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